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3 min readMay 13, 2022


When I’m Sick- I Want My Mommy

When I don’t feel well health wise is when I miss my MOM the MOST

This Photo Says Everything You Need to Know About Me and My Mom

Those of you who know me well, know that Kitty and I had……..a complicated relationship.

But, for as many communication issues that we DID have, the one thing that she always did PERFECTLY was take care of me when I was sick. Or sad. Or sick AND sad (which I seem to be today).

I got my second COVID BOOSTER yesterday around noon. At about 2am this morning, I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a truck. I guess that means that my immune system is working. That is a comfort and a relief, but it does not help me to feel any better. To top it off, all of the gorgeous trees are in bloom. Spring has finally sprung- but along with that come pretty annoying allergies.

Suffice it to say… has not been my best day.

I used to FAKE BEING SICK fairly often as a kid……because I LOVED staying home with my Mom when I did not feel well. She would bring my pillows and blankets down and make up a bed for me on the couch. She and I would sit and BINGE WATCH daytime TV (before binge watching was an actual thing). The Price is Right. $24,000 Pyramid. Joker is Wild. One Life to Live. General Hospital. (I literally watched GH from BIRTH through COLLEGE!!)

She would bring me toast, saltines, camomile tea and ginger ale. This went on through High School. I can vividly remember getting my wisdom teeth out Spring Break of my freshman year of college and spending the ENTIRE vacation on our couch watching TV with my Mom.

And it was good.

I liked it much better than being wasted on some beach in Florida with my friends.

These spring allergies are so yuck. I either feel sneezy, headachy, and irritable OR I take the antihistamines and feel like a zombie. The meds that don’t make you drowsy DON’t relieve my symptoms when the allergies get this bad. Only thing that relieves my symptoms is benadryl — which makes me like a sad ZOMBIE……

Today, I want to do what I always used to do when I felt like this. Sit at my Mom’s feet, put my head in her lap and CRY IT OUT. To top off the fact that I feel physically unwell, I am watching as a number of my friends are posting today that they have just tested positive for COVID. It seems…



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