Christine Schrade-Keddy
2 min readFeb 28, 2022


What Happened When I Fell Into a Deep Hole in the Sidewalk….

I have not blogged in over a year……

And I have seen the negative toll that has taken on my mental health.

Well, I am here to say……

I AM BACK BABY!!!!!!!!

It has been a difficult and challenging 2021. Apart from the fact that we were dealing with everyone’s same experience of pandemic madness, (this did not make my experience unusual), we were also dealing with a housing crisis that was indirectly related to the pandemic.

I am not going to go into details because a lot of it has to do with family business that I’m sure others would rather I kept private, but it was unexpected and traumatic to say the least. The result of our losing our living space prompted my husband and I to make the decision to move onto our 34 foot trimaran sailing vessel named “OASIS” as full-time live aboard boaters.

The end result has been great, but the process in getting to this day has been extremely stressful and difficult. The result of my being caught up in trying to keep my head above water by working my regular job, my self-employed business, and just generally keeping a base level of sanity, kept me from writing as an exercise in preserving my mental health. There was just not the time, and as I found myself struggling to just keep the energy going for the basic activities of daily living my writing fell by the wayside.

One of my goals for 2022 has been to get back to regular blogging.

So here I am ……and MAN do I have a lot of content to fill in about the last year!!!! Challenges in my business and how I overcame those to keep my business growing. Challenges in my personal life and relationships and how those have thrived in the midst of difficulty. Challenges in my housing situation, and how we have used our “out of the box” ideas- to forge a new and exciting lifestyle. There is a lot to tell and I will be enjoying getting back to telling you on a regular basis.

I wanted to write this to explain to my few followers where I disappeared to for the last year, and also to encourage new followers to sign on for this journey. I will hopefully and prayerfully not have to leave you hanging again!!!

I am looking to build up my following so that I will be able to apply to monetize my writing here on Medium. I would appreciate a follow and I would be happy to follow you back and read what you have to share!

Let’s do this writing thing together!!!



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