Thunderstorms, Boats and Bad Decisions

Christine Schrade-Keddy
4 min readAug 11, 2022



I am screaming …….can you hear me??????

Since I have committed to showing ALL sides of living on a boat, the good the bad and the hard.

Yesterday was a big hard.

I started out the day tired. Tired of trying to find a cool and comfortable place to work every day away from the heat. Wishing I had my old, beautiful, air-conditioned and spacious apartment back. My own space that was just mine. I have a great office but it takes me close to two hours to get there- so getting in the car and driving for four hours round-trip to go work in my office is really not all that attractive. I spend four hours of the time that I could be working driving and that is just not productive.

So anyway, I left the infernal heat -which was finally really getting to me after all of these days on end of trying to battle it — (AND AT THE SAME TIME MAKING ME REALLY SAD AND ANGRY ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE 😡😡)- and I went into town to try to find some cool.

I made a very significant mistake and forgot to batten down the hatches of the boat before I left. (YES- battening down the hatches is an actual, real thing on a boat!)

We had horrific thunderstorms last night. And I was at Market Basket when we had them- realizing that I had left all the windows open on the boat.

By the time we got back to the boat everything was drenched. Not only our queen size bunk and everything in it, but our rugs, cushions, bean bag chairs. Basically everything. Imagine your bedroom and living room after a large fire hose has covered everything in them with water. That was about it. There were still two more giant thunderstorm cells on the way…… so we somehow had to create a space for ourselves inside the waterlogged cabin, where we could hunker down and wait out the other storms.

I stripped the bed as best I could and threw the bedding into large garbage bags, because I will have to take it to the laundromat and wash and dry it. It is incredibly humid outside and, there is no sunshine today, so the items will not dry naturally and will have to be put in the dryer.

Sadly, I did not have back up bedding stored on the boat-

I was ill prepared for this disaster.

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