Single Woman on a New Adventure — My Mini Break at Chateau Merrimack

Christine Schrade-Keddy
8 min readSep 5, 2023
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Labor Day weekend was coming up. I did not have any plans and decided I would reach out to various friends to see if anyone was interested in doing a mini break with me -Sunday into Monday. Because of my job as a Pastor for a local church, long weekends can be a bit problematic. I am required to be at church on Sunday and “run the show”, so taking off the whole three days doesn’t work for me.

Usually what I will do on a long weekend is make plans to zip out somewhere right after church service is over. That generally happens around 11:30 in the morning, so for the most part I still get a good portion of the day on Sunday and then the following day off on Monday.

Sadly, the phenomenon that happens to me quite often happened in spades this weekend.

All of my friends were busy doing things with their families.

When this happens, I am faced with a decision. I can either go off on my own, and have an adventure, or I can sit home alone feeling sorry for myself. I am still working on trying to find more single female friends, who are able to do adventurous things on holiday weekends (and don’t have family obligations)- but I have not yet been wildly successful in my attempts.

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I have joined a group on Facebook for women in their 50s looking for friendships. It’s not specifically for single women, but a lot of the women in the group are single. If they are not single, then they are often new empty-nesters, who have not had to find things for themselves to do until recently. I have attended a few events, and made some initial contacts that seem promising, but friendships take a while to develop. I know this and accept it will take some time. None of these contacts have developed to the point where I feel able to go away for the weekend with any of them.

Which puts me back to my usual pattern of when I start daydreaming about going somewhere on an adventure.

I go to Expedia or Airbnb and punch in the destinations that I think I would like to explore. Then I see what special deals are available. This…



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