Moving in with Housemates in my Fifites is One of the Best Decisions I Have Ever Made

Christine Schrade-Keddy
5 min readAug 21, 2023
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It is coming up on eleven months, since I made the decision to move into my friend K’s house, along with her spouse, teenage daughter and two other housemates. A rambling old farmhouse at the edge of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I wrote about this decision in one of my previous stories…..

You might be wondering how all of this is unfolding….

The other night, I was coming home from an evening with my adopted family (we call each other “FRAMILY “). As I unlocked the front door, I heard sounds of laughter in the kitchen. My 13 year old housemate, N, peeked into the hallway and joyfully announced- “It’s Christine!!”

“Ello Gov’nah!!! “, my housemate Y called out. We have this thing where we pretend that we are British and living in the eighteenth century- not sure where it comes from, but now it is our schtick.

Y, N, and J, (my other thirty something single guy housemate), were cleaning up from dinner. We don’t always eat meals together, but once or twice a week, there is usually some kind of communal meal happening. I had missed it, because I was visiting my FRAMILY.

“Where have you been ?” asked N, as I schlepped into the kitchen with my various bags.

On Fridays, I often head to Jamaica Plain, the neighborhood in Boston that is my home away from home. My three favorite thrift stores are there, as well as my FRAMILY. I will usually thrift for a few hours, hang out in one of my favorite coffee shops, and then meet my goddaughter and her mamas for dinner when they get home from childcare and work.

I stopped in the kitchen, and showed my housemates my various excellent finds from a day of thrifting. They asked me about what my plans were for the upcoming weekend. I told them about the new Book Club we are launching at church, and how our first meeting was going to happen the next day. This launched us into the topic of books, and an animated…



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