Fair Winds, Jimmy……My Tribute to Jimmy Buffett

Christine Schrade-Keddy
4 min readSep 2, 2023
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Oh my God……

Jimmy Buffett……?????

I cannot begin to describe how I feel opening up my news reports this morning. Well, actually, I can, as you will discover if you continue reading…..

Jimmy Buffett was the soundtrack of my life for five years living in the US Virgin Islands. You started to get a little tired of it -because the music was everywhere -but as you began to listen to the lyrics you realized- that he was actually describing the life that you were currently living.

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Jimmy’s songs are stories set to music, and they told of a life lived among pirates, drunkards, poets and dreamers. Everything he talked about in those songs was really what it was actually like to live on a Caribbean island as a transplant. He captured it perfectly. If you listen to his songs and think they are about made up things…. they are not. Those things really happen every day down in those tiny beach bars and on those beat up sailboats- that people also use as homes.

For many, they listen to him because he was perfect as an escapist describing a life of people who gave up everything, jumped on a sailboat and moved to the Caribbean. The wannabes go to Great Woods, once a year, wear a grass skirt and tie a blowup shark to their car….. wishing they could get out of their dead end job in an office cubicle. But not brave enough to do it. Very few people are actually brave enough to do it. So they like to imagine that they could.

But I actually did ❤️🙏

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I have some big regrets about my 25 year relationship with The Captain- but one thing I will NEVER ever regret is following him down to that tiny island. And I never ever would have even thought to do that if I had not met him….Those five years in the VI were some of the best in my life — and not for the reasons that you probably would imagine although those things also happened- the parties and the sailing adventures. It was the community…



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