Boat Life — and Why I am Never Going Back to Work in an Office

Christine Schrade-Keddy
9 min readApr 17, 2022
My Scalloptown Office- Author Photo

I am adjusted and into more of a regular rhythm with life and work on the boat!!!

We have been back to living on the boat since leaving our winter Airbnb on March 17th.

I am realizing how having to be creative and find new places to do my work is getting me energized.

A couple of weeks ago, I started working in this park in an area of East Greenwich called Scalloptown. There is a great spot here with a covered porch and wooden benches that are perfect work tables for taking my Poshmark photos. They are shaded which is what I need for good light. Taking photos directly in the sun is too bright.

There are also some benches and tables at the top of the hill that provide another area- if I want to get a water view in my photos. There is is a bathroom here too, which always comes in handy. It’s usually quite private and quiet and I can use it as my outdoor office for the day.

I can do my other work here as well, reading theology, writing my sermons and articles, answering emails, making calls and planning our denominational events. This park is perfect for my work in every way. I am thinking of keeping a folding chair in the back of my car, so that when I want to do some serious reading, I can bring my chair out to the end of the dock and read there in comfort.

Honestly……I am never going back to work in an office.

Happily Working in My Outdoor Office

It’s funny, when I was in college, trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, I was only certain of one thing.

I never wanted to work in an office.

I knew that I had a hard time sitting still, especially indoors, unless I was reading a book. If I had a book in my hand I could sit for hours. I suppose if I had found a job that required me to sit in an office all day reading books that would have been OK. But I wasn’t sure that such a job existed. ( I now know that they actually do). I ended up choosing working with children in an early childhood setting, because that job was not only emotionally and spiritually enriching but also…



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